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2014 in the Kabbalah

We are always told to live our life as they are now, cherish the present, carpe diem. However, what if you were told that the past two decades were a build-up to the years 2014–2015?

Sounds absolutely ridiculous: children were born, raised, married, people lived and died, accomplishments were made. We drove right into the second millennium. So what is all this talk about 2014 being one of the most special years since the existence of mankind?

Image: Stuart Miles/Freedigitalphotos.net

Well, this Hebrew year, 5774, Ayin Daleth, is a leap year in the Jewish calendar (there’s an extra month between Pisces and Aries, so the solar and the lunar cycles will be synchronized). It is the fullest year possible, rounding up to a whopping 385 days of a year.

For all you astrology fans (and non-fans), in the years 2014-2015 there is going to be a ton of drama in the sky: there are going to be two incredible lunar eclipses (blood red moons) in two of the most important Jewish holidays: Pesach (Passover) and Sukkot (Tabernacles). In the past two thousand years, this had occurred only seven times – making 2014–2015 solar eclipses the 8th times this miraculous line-up of the stars happen. In Kabbalah numerology, some meanings of the number 8 is turning point of a cycle, deviation from routine and changeability. All these perfectly describe 2014, sky-wise.

2014 in Gematria

Furthermore, the number 19 takes a great part in this year’s (lunar and solar calendar’s) part. Every 19 years, the number of days in the year are equal, and the amount of days in 19 lunar years and solar years match, which make both the calendars equinox. The number 19 is an important number both in Kabbalah numerology and Hebrew Gematria (the Jewish system of letters equivalent to numbers): they represent the eighth and tenth letter, meaning: CHAI – to live, living. This symbolic number and meaning could not match any better to this exciting 2014.

As we study the Kabbalah to help us understand the Torah (the Old Testament, given to us by God. Later on Jesus Christ, God’s gift to Earth, gives us the New Testament) in our search for enlightenment and all that is good, we can make this year count. We can make 2014 just as incredible as the night sky will be.

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