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Astrology and the Zohar Book

Kabbalah, which deals with many aspect of mysticism, also touches astrology. Kabbalah astrology doesn’t contradict traditional astrology but completes it, allowing us to live a more harmonic life.

Kabbalah says that the soul chooses to descent to the material world only when it can receive the correct Tikkun. Star alignments only represent the descent of the soul, and do not predict it, so that a person would be able to choose the correct course of action.

Stars alignments only represent a certain situation. The astrological map represents the star alignment at birth. The cosmic influence of star alignments can be mapped, thus mapping destruction and creation cycles. A person can use Kabbalah astrology to make his one fate.

Kabbalistic astrology

Kabbalah astrology is based on the Hebrew calendar, interpreting signs and stars.

Like traditional astrology, Kabbalistic astrology has 12 signs. Kabbalah divides the 12 signs into 4 elements: fire, characterized by impulse and creativity, air, characterized by intelligence and interpersonal abilities, water, characterized by emotional intellect, and earth, characterized by stability and materialism.

The Zohar also refers to the Tree of Life when dealing with a person’s fate. The Tree of Life can be seen as a map of the human consciousness. The Tree of Life contains information on a person’s character and influences.

The astrological birth map and the Tree of Life represent a person’s emotional, physical and mental structure. By measuring the structure created by the Tree of Life and the signs one can analyze a person’s character and his future possibilities.

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