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Marriage and the Zohar Book

Kabbalah stands behind the marriage institution, even when many underestimate it today. Relationships, according to the Kabbalah, are based on spirituality, and a couple must realize that in order to achieve a true relationship. In order to reach a high level of spirituality in a relationship, the couple must rely on each other and work together.

The spiritual realms separate between the Malkut (the female power) and Zeir Enpin (the male power). The physical world has the same separation based on balance and coordination. According to Kabbalah and the Zohar, man and woman have different paths of spirituality. Connecting the different spiritualties enables wholeness. These are our spiritual roots. Some souls take relationships naturally, and some don’t. This is their Tikkun.

Finding your Soul Mate according to the Zohar

The importance of relationships is explained as early as in the book of Genesis, according to the Kabbalah. Popular belief is that woman was created from one of man’s ribs, literally. According to Chazal, first man was actually part man, part woman. The first man’s rear part was the female part, so he was not aware of it. When God created woman, he split man in two. The Zohar advises readers to avoid literal interpretations of biblical stories and instead seek the metaphorical meanings.

According to The Zohar, each soul has two halves, a male one and a female one. Every being is half a soul, and is longing to be complete via a relationship or marriage.

Marriage & Spirituality

Marriage is based on equality and balance between the couple. The marriage ceremony is to balance between the couple. The wife gives, and the man commits to her during the ceremony.

In some ceremonies it is said that the wife revolves around the man seven times. According to the Kabbalah, the wife is the cause of the seven lights revolving around the man. The Zohar states that only after marriage can a man truly find spirituality.

The marriage ring is also a symbol of the balance between couples, as mentioned in the Zohar. A circle is a symbol of equality in the Kabbalah, and after the ceremony, man and woman become equal. The circle must be empty, like a ring, so that the newlyweds could fill it with light.

Uniting couples through marriage is a high spiritual purpose in the Zohar. Man and woman who were yet to be tied together in marriage cannot achieve spiritual enlightenment, according to the Kabbalah.

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  1. Brewster

    I totally agree with this. It is interesting and I believe if couples knew this marriage would be in a much better condition then it is now with over 50% divorce rate. Good information that need to be read by everyone.

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