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Names According to the Zohar Book

A person’s name is deeply significant. Choosing one’s name is very important in the Kabbalah. Letters and names affect reality and can influence a person’s fate. Kabbalistic scholars note that the letters making up a person’s name represent the connection between the material and the spiritual world. This connection is made by the name’s pronunciation and spelling, this determines the connection’s nature.

Kabbalah Naming Advice

When changing names, or naming newborns, most people think about which names would sound the best. Other factors must be taken into consideration:

  • The parents must choose the name and completely agree on it. Many people would advise new parents on naming their newborn. While their intention may be good, ulterior motives might be present. Consult only a Rabbi or a Kabbalistic scholar when naming a baby.
  • Giving two names – according to the Kabbalah, giving two names is allowed only if both names are intended to be used. When a bride’s name is the same as her mother in law, a second name is often added. A bride’s name should not be the same as her mother in law’s name, according to the Kabbalah.
  • Girls with boys name and vice versa – reversing gender in names is not recommended, and might cause energetic interferences. The ARI-Hakadosh addressed this issue in his writing, and said that giving a male name to a girl or a woman can cause behavioral and fertility problems.
  • Using non-Hebrew names – names taken from non-Jewish culture are not recommended. If you intend to use a non-Hebrew name, add a Hebrew name to it.
  • Immortalizing those who died tragic deaths is not recommended – naming a person after someone who died a tragic death can transfer negative energy.
  • Avoid named that include holy names – names such as Netan-El that include God’s name might seem to have a positive meaning but in fact can attract destructive spiritual forces.
  • Do not use angels’ names – using other holy names, especially angels’ names, is forbidden and might invoke destructive forces.
  • Adding or removing biblical names is strictly forbidden. The Kabbalah names teaching explains that names  that were brought unintentionally were treated by Kabbalistic scholars, who mastered the secrets of  dynamic energy that floats everywhere. Subtracting or adding letters to biblical name is forbidden because each letter is arranged in the name according to its meaning and purpose.
  • Name uses in the bible – names with negative connotations like Nimrod or Matan are best avoided. Before naming a person such a name, consult a Rabbi.


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