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Valentine’s Day in the Kabbalah

Valentine’s Day, the romantic holiday celebrated worldwide on February 14, provides an opportunity to tie relationship with our loved ones and to renew distant relationships. The Kabbalah offers great tools that help us get closer to the people we love, by studying and sharing the deep, ancient knowledge hidden in wisdom of The Zohar and the Kabbalah literature, as well as by giving special, spiritual gifts.

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Love is a mystery, and it is very difficult to define how it feels to finally find our soul mate. The Kabbalah helps us understand deeply the essence of love and to improve our relationships with the others, not just our significant other.

Love does not depend on a thing

According to the Kabbalah, the highest spiritual order of love is love that does not depend on anything, meaning loving the other without expecting to get back some personal benefit. The purest love is derived by giving for the sake of giving, without wanting anything in return.

Giving is an important concept in the Kabbalah. One of the wonderful things about giving is that fills the giver with happiness, satisfaction and fulfillment. In other words, by giving (the loved ones) without expecting anything in return, we gain a true feeling of happiness and wholeness. That way, our relationship with the other and the deep, spiritual powers becomes closer. Giving connects us to the world’s richest spiritual channels.

Spiritual Valentine’s Day Gifts

You can embrace Kabbalah in several ways: through in-depth learning of the Jewish mystic thought, reading the Zohar book, holding charms or significant items such as Kabbalah jewelry – rings and decorative pieces, stamped by Kabbalah symbols and texts. Kabbalah jewelry is a great Valentine’s Day gift, which carries the spiritual meaning of the Kabbalah and serves as a decorative object with a symbolic and sentimental meaning. Giving gifts to our loved ones is a great way to express our feelings.

If you are looking for an original Valentine’s Day gift for spiritual people who are interested in the Kabbalah, give them the Zohar app, making all the Kabbalah wisdom with additional unique and useful features available directly from the smartphone or tablet.

Bring back the spiritual meaning of Valentine’s Day with the Zohar book. The lite version is available for free.

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