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The Tree of Life According to Kabbalah

One of the most recognized symbols of the sacred geometry is the Kabbalah Tree of Life. According to testimonies, the Tree of Life exists for over 3000 years, and was part of the Jewish teachings of the Torah of the Kabbalah.

The structure of the Tree of Life has a deep, contextual meaning and is a source of infinite knowledge and wisdom. The Tree of Life represents the decent of the divine into the material world. The Kabbalah Tree of Life can be seen as a map of the human consciousness and of the material and spiritual creations. Each person’s Tree of Life contains information of his character, his actions and his influences.

The information and knowledge found in the tree of life can help guide people to find happiness and balance. It can also help a person find his most inner qualities and virtues.

Kabbalah Tree of Life Structure

The Tree of Life refers to different fields of spirituality. The tree is comprised of ten Sephirot, ten planets, twelve signs, twenty two paths, twenty two letters, twenty two cards of the solar system and thirty one dates of birth. The Kabbalah Tree of Life represents the thirty two ways that are comprised of the ten Sephirot and the twenty two paths in which they flow.

How to Build a Person’s Tree of Life Map?

Building a person’s Tree of Life is based on the person’s name and date of birth (similar to Kabballah astrology map). According to the Zohar, names will affect a person’s essence and fate, while the date of birth will determine his properties and the physical realm. Man acts based on seven levels – Spirit, Soul and Essence.  There are three levels of the Spirit (I operate, I see, I think) that represents a man’s daily life. The Essence level represents man’s deepest desires (beyond the superficial daily life that is represented in the Spirit level). The Soul level is also divided into three (I love, I see, I the whole).

How to Find Balance Using the Tree of Life?

A deficiency of the Soul can occur when one or more of the levels are out of balance. The Kabbalah Tree of Life can help direct a person on his path to inner happiness.

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